Empty Nesters

    Group description: Empty Nesters is a Ministry and Mission Small Group made up of adults with grown children who may or may not have left the “nest.”
    When? Twice a month
    Where? Various locations. We often meet in members homes for "pot-luck"dinners, dine out at restaurant locations, or meet at the church Greeting Area for dinners and studies.

    Numerous community and church service projects, bike rides on nature trails, "field trips" to various locations, book studies.

    Contact: Sara Dryden @ 705-2785 sardr97@aol.com or contact the Church office @ 269-2412

    JOY Group

    Group description: The JOY Group is a Fellowship Small Group made up of “just older youth” (seasoned adults seeking to fellowship with one another in His name).
    When? We plan things we want to do and accomplish during the year at our opening meeting in January. Then we pick one or two things to do each month as they present themselves during each Quarter. Each choice is usually accompanied by eating out in some form or another. Sometimes we eat at a member’s home, some involve different kinds of restaurants, some are special parties, and all involve an activity.
    Where? We usually carpool to any event if just out to lunch after church, but we always arrange transportation for getting to the events we choose.These can include members homes, theaters, day trips, and church events.

    We have various social gatherings scheduled throughout the year, as well as service projects that include supporting the Quigley House, Green Cove Springs Food Bank, and our FIPChurch family.


    Darlene Ragan, 272 1190, meta.raga@att.net  or the church office @ 269-2412


    Group description: We are a group of "older" adults - mostly empty nesters; we are mainly a social group, but do projects to support Quigley House, Green Cove Springs Food Bank, and our church family.
    When? We try to meet once a month, usually the second Saturday evening.
    Where? We alternate meeting at our members homes.
    Activities? Pot Luck Dinners, games; 5th Quarter Chaperones, Vacation Bible School.


    Group description: The Seekers Group is a Fellowship Small Group made up of adults with children in upper elementary through high school/college age.
    When? Once a month normally on Saturday evenings for dinner or maybe lunch  after church some Sundays.
    Where? At different homes of group members, we take turns.
    Activities? Group/Family Themed Dinners, Devotionals , Service Projects, Bible Studies, Game Nights
    Contact: Donna Bedsole at 710-5504

    Prayer Team

    Group description: The Prayer Team is a Worship Small Group that gathers every Sunday morning before worship to pray, as well as prays over the prayer requests of the church staff, leadership, members and attendees on a weekly basis.
    When? Sunday mornings 9-9:30 am
    Where? Prayer Room in the church building
    Contact: Ann Roos, 887-2265, nnroosa @ yahoo.com

    Adult Ministries

    Small Groups

    God never intended for us to go it alone!

    We want to help you find the Small Group where you can you grow in your faith and have some fun doing it!

    Small Group Interest Cards are on the Small Group table on Sunday mornings, or you can find contact information on this page.