Fleming Island Presbyterian Church
1743 County Road 220
Fleming Island, FL 32003  

FIPC Staff

Dr. Jim Weldon, Jr.
Work Phone: 269-2412 ext. 705
Cell Phone: 553-8493
Home Phone: 264-2595
Email: JimWeldon@myfipc.org

Sara Dryden
Director of Membership
Work Phone: 269-2412 ext. 702
Cell Phone: 705-2785
Email: SaraDryden@myfipc.org
Mike Horst 
Director of Worship and Youth Ministries
Work Phone: 269-2412 ext. 704
Cell Phone: 514-0902
Email: MikeHorst@myfipc.org

Reese Stansberry
Building and Grounds Supervisor
Office Phone: 269-2412 ext. 703
Email: ReeseStansberry@myfipc.org 

Dawn Vanderpool
Chief Financial Officer and Church Administrator
Work Phone: 269-2412 ext. 701
Cell Phone: 945-8333
Email: DawnVanderpool@myfipc.org

Jennifer Weldon
Counseling Center Coordinator
Work Phone: 269-2412 ext. 801
Email: JenniferPWeldon@bellsouth.net





Joe Perry
Volunteer Treasurer
Cell Phone: 386-937-7012
Email: JoePerry1976@gmail.com

Catrine Fredrikson,
EZY Marketing
Email: catrine@ezymarketing.com

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