Congregational Meeting

Welcome to

Congregational Meeting
Sunday, July 24

immediately after worship

We will set a new quorum for congregational meetings and elect a nominating committee for elders and deacons.

Mary Coxe and Marjorie Phillips of the Administrative Commission are willing to serve on the committee representing the Session, whose role is temporarily being assumed by the Administrative Commission.

At least three more members of the congregation, one of whom may be a deacon, are needed to serve on the committee. The goal is reactivate the Session as the church's guiding body.

Please come to this important meeting. Please be thinking about whom you would like to see serve on the nominating committee. The meeting will offer you an opportunity to nominate committee members from the floor, provided they are willing to serve (so please make sure they are!).

Sincerely in Christ,

Tom Borland
Interim Pastor