Congregational Meeting

Welcome to

Congregational Meeting
Sunday, August 14

Dear Fleming Island Church Family,

Please come to a congregational meeting this
Sunday, August immediately after worship!

We will consider the following motion, which was also distributed last Sunday when the meeting was first announced. The purpose of this amendment is to provide for a smaller quorum that better suits the current size of our congregation. The current quorum is 20 members. The amendment proposes five members as a quorum. Please come to the meeting if at all possible, since we need a 20-person quorum Sunday to make the change!

Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws of Fleming Island Presbyterian Church. The proposed change is from 20 to 5 members for a quorum at congregational meetings.


The quorum for session meetings shall be the moderator and a majority of ruling elders in active service on the session.

Consistent with the laws of the state of Florida, a quorum for congregational meetings and congregational meetings involving corporate matters shall be set at (twenty) FIVE active members. The secretary shall determine if a quorum is present. All active members of the congregation present at either annual or special meetings are entitled to vote (G-1.0501). Also consistent with the laws of the state of Florida, voting is restricted to active members age 18 or above and neither absentee ballots nor voting by proxy shall be permitted in any meeting.

See you Sunday! Blessings,
Tom Borland
Interim Pastor